World's Lightest Colored Website

This is a CSS experiment to make the most extreme web page ever. Specifically, it demonstrates thoroughly the ways web browsers are capable of natively producing white.

CSS color methods:

There are various ways that CSS can assign color values. All are capable of producing white, the lightest color.

background-color: white;
/* The lightest color */
background-color: #ffffff;
/* hex value */
background-color: #fff;
/* short form, equates to #ffffff, not #f0f0f0 */
background-color: rgb(255,255,255);
/* rgb values */
background-color: rgb(100%,100%,100%);
/* rgb percentage values */

The two rgb formats will accept values higher than 255 or 100%, but the values will be trimmed back before interpreting on all but possibly some theoretical devices.


Web pages also produce color through images.  Following are images in the three most ubiquitous image formats, colored the lightest color each are capable of representing (white).

white gif
1000 pixel GIF image

white gif
1000 pixel JPEG image

white gif
1000 pixel PNG image