The above graph represents my spending between the dates of September 20, 2001 and September 19, 2002. Any transaction in which I gave money in exchange for a product, service, privelege, or cause was documented and included here. Each 2-pixel column represents a day: the left-most column representing 9/20/2001, and the right-most column representing 9/19/2002. The height of each column represents a dollar amount; each pixel of height represents 1 dollar. I haven't arrived at a satifactory textual definition for the colors, but red represents things that I buy for myself, for my own "happiness" and benefit (video games, eating out). Green represents things that run out, and of which I have to refill or replace in a predictable way (groceries, gas). And lastly, Blue represents costs that directly support my lifestyle ("bills", taxes, car maintainence).

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